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Are you a young researcher? Do you work in the Space sector or are you simply passionate about Space and would like to know more?
The Space Café is an informal series of events where young researchers will have the opportunity to meet, discuss and build a solid network within the Space Community. The organizers themselves are all junior researchers, associated with the UZH Space Hub. They work in different research areas (astrophysics, remote sensing and life science), but have one key aspect in common: Space.

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Space is by design a very innovative sector, where we have the chance and need to push well beyond our boundaries, testing alternative solutions and increasing our knowledge, with many important applications also on Earth and on our everyday life.

As in every field, it is important to build a solid network since the beginning of your career. However, in academia this network is too often developed only around the specific topic the PhD candidates work on and restricted to academia. This can constitute a limitation in a career path, which is almost never linear. Through these Space Café event series, you will have the opportunity to meet researchers from different fields and experts from the industry sector, to expand your horizons beyond academia, with direct contact to the commercial world, and to see how your work and research can be used and translated into the real and applied world.

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This interdisciplinary project is organised by Dr. Valentina Tamburello (postdoc at the Remote Sensing Laboratories), Jacqueline Bannwart (PhD student in the group of Glaciology and Geomorphodynamics), Marco Cilibrasi (PhD student at the UZH Computational Science Institute) and Irina Kempf (PhD student in the Medical Physics and Radiation Research group), with the precious help of Jasmin Kesselring (PhD student in the group of Remote Sensing of Water Systems).

The UZH Space Hub is happy to support the young researchers in the Space domain through this valuable initiative.


The Space Café organisers warmly thank the UZH Graduate Campus for funding this project through a GRC grant.