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UZH Space Hub


On this page you can find events organised by the UZH Space Hub


Past Events:

Space Café: How to Sell a PhD in Industry

Mike Rast

27.11.2023 - In the Space Café seminar series, Vicent Botella-Soler talked about the challenges of transitioning from academia to industry, and introduced strageties to optimally use and point out own skills in this context.   read more

3-2-1 Go Euclid!

Mike Rast

16.06.2023 - Five researchers from the UZH, ETH, and FHNW spoke about their contribution in the Euclid-Mission in this Space Café seminar. Euclid is ESA's t new telescope that launched July 1st 2023, designed to map the universe in unprecedented detail and thereby enable new insignts about the nature of the universe and its origin. read more

UZH meets ESA for space careers

Mike Rast

30.09.2022 - Interactive Career Event: ESA and former ESA employee will present and discuss with you possible ESA career path  towards space

ISSI meets UZH Space Hub

Mike Rast


23.09.2022 - Talk: The International Space Science Institute ISSI in Bern - a ’Think-Tank’ and its activities in Earth Sciences  ISSI meets UZH Space Hub


Space Café

ARIS rocket

Join our monthly event Series Space Café, broaden your horizon and extend your network in the space sector Read more


ARIS Booth @ Irchel Campus

ARIS rocket


28.09.2020 and 30.09.2020 - Get to know the ARIS team and learn how you can contribute Read more


The Space you need



08.04.2020 - Workshop on opportunities and funding possibilities. Read more