Robot from UZH and ETH takes first steps towards mission to the Moon


The robotic explorer GLIMPSE and its team, consisting of scientists and engineers from the University of Zurich, ETH and other industrial and academic partners, have reached the final round of the “Space resources challenge”.


In the “Space resources challenge”, initiated by ESA and the European Space Resources Innovation Centre (ESRIC), teams from Europe and Canada compete in developing innovative vehicles that prospect resources at the shadowy poles of the Moon, where water and other volatiles are suspected.

In the latest round of the competition that took place end of 2021, twelve robots compared their capabilities in an artificial lunar analogue environment in the Netherlands. 

The robot of the UZH/ETH-team succeeded as one of the 5 most successful robots and will participate in the final round in autumn this year.

Florian Kehl, senior research assistant at the UZH Space Hub, is Co-Principal Investigator, leading the science team and responsible for the instruments for analysis of the lunar substrate. 

The final winning team of the challenge will be supported to develop their robot to maturity to hopefully perform a real mission on the Moon in the near future. 

Keep your fingers crossed!


Svantje Tauber