Spectroradiometric Observing Systems

spectroscopy cube
Visualisation of an imaging spectroscopy cube, using three out of 285 spectral bands to present a Red-Green-Blue combination (SWIR @ 1766nm (B), VIS @ 651nm (G) und NIR @ 811nm (R))

Spectroscopy describes how an illuminated surface reflects light in different wavelengths of the electromagnetic spectrum. These light spectra can also be measured from  aircrafts and provide information about different materials on the ground or components in the atmosphere.

The APEX instrument is an example of an imaging spectrometer that records the earth's surface in hundreds of color channels similar to a camera. For example, the health of plants or the concentration of exhaust gases in the atmosphere can be measured. The successor to APEX is part of the new Airborne Research Facility for the Earth System (ARES) and will be stationed at the UZH Space Hub in Duebendorf.

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