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New deadline: November 19, 2021

Your project on an analogue space mission

The Asclepios project is a program of analogue missions designed by students for students, under the mentorship of trained professionals. In February 2021, six students simulated a mission on the Moon or on Mars to better prepare future space endeavors. As in the International Space Station, they had to perform experiments all week long.

The next mission, Asclepios II, is planned for July 2022 and will simulate a habitat on the Moon’s South Pole with main goal the discovery, extraction and use of water. Secondary goals include aspects of sustainable life and research on the Moon.

For this reason, the Asclepios Team is looking for projects related to space exploration or sustainability. Laboratories, start-ups, companies, students or any other organization are invited to submit their proposals until November 5, 2021  Information for submission

New deadline: November 19, 2021